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The Canadian Tulip Festival is our national celebration of the TULIP as a symbol of Friendship. The Festival regularly engages with a growing list of “Tulip Friendship Countries” from a combined roster of International Peace Garden Foundation and World Tulip Summit Society members to participate in annual Festival proceedings. With support from the embassies of these 26 countries, programming at the Canadian Tulip Festival reflects this friendly international vibe through stage performances, floral and art installations, culinary experiences and more. Occasionally, the Festival twins with one specific International tulip festival or floral event to provide an annual theme and enhanced cross-cultural spotlight opportunities.

“Let the Seeds of Peace Begin Here and Spread throughout the World”
Inspired by the 1945 Tulip Friendship Garden gift from the Netherlands to Canada in gratitude for offering safe harbour to the Royal Dutch Family during World War II as well as Ottawa’s 1991 presentation of a tulip garden to the United States in recognition of the lasting friendship between the two countries and the sharing of the longest undefended border in the world, the International Peace Garden Foundation was founded. With the ultimate goal to foster world peace, the IPGF advances global friendship through the creation of Peace Gardens. Today, 20 countries and their gardens share in the cause for global peace. The latest Peace Garden, in Mexico at the Vallarta Botanical Garden, opened this February 2017.

List of International Peace Gardens
1. Ottawa Canada Canada and World (established 1945)
2. Washington USA Washington Monument Overlooking The Tidal Basin (1991)
3. Warsaw Poland Saski Park located at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier
4. Berlin Germany across from city hall in Marzahn
5. Budapest Hungary Ujpest across from Kaposztasmegyeri Szentharomsag Plebania
6. Strasbourg EU – France Parc de l’ Orangerie
7. Ljubljana Slovenia Tivoli Park
8. Pretoria South Africa National Botanical Gardens
9. San José Costa Rica Morazán Park
10. The Hague The Netherlands Peace Palace
11. Hiroshima Japan Peace Memorial Park
12. Vienna Austria Rathaus Park – City Hall
13. Rome Italy Di Cellio Park – adjacent to the Coliseum
14. Athens Greece Akadimia Plantonos
15. Nicosia Cyprus Markos Drakos Avenue next to Ledra Palace Check Point
16. Dublin Ireland St. Patrick’s Cathedral
17. Bern Switzerland Universal Postal Union
18. Kiev Ukraine Central Gardens adjacent to Kyiv University
19. Istanbul Turkey Yedikule Soğanlı Bitkiler Park located near Old City Wall
20. Puerta Vallarta Mexico Vallarta Botanical Garden (2017)
21. Skagit Valley Tulip festival, USA was in 1999 – WTS 2010
22. Spalding Flower Parade, UK, 2001 WTS 2008
23. Floriade, Canberra, Australia, 2003  – WTS 2008

Initiated by the Canadian Tulip Festival in 2002, The World Tulip Summit Society brings together the world’s tulip community to celebrate the tulip as a symbol of international friendship and peace through participation in meaningful tulip exchanges and activities – one being the biannual World Tulip Summit. This October 2017 the Canadian Tulip Festival welcomes the tulip world to Ottawa for the 15th Anniversary of the first Summit and in celebration of the Festival’s 65th Anniversary.

The World Tulip Summit Society Member Countries:

1. Canada – Canadian Tulip Festival – CANADA
2. Turkey – Istanbul Tulip Festival – Tulip Friendship Twinning 1994 – Hosted WTS 2013
3. Netherlands Bloemencorso – 1995
3. France – Bataille des Fleurs – 1996
4. Japan – Tonami Tulip festival – 1997
5. Australia – Floriade 2001 – WTS 2006
6. UK – Spalding Tulip Parade – 1999 – WTS 2008
7. USA – Skagit Valley Tulip Festival – 2001 – WTS 2010
8. Belgium – Arboretum Kalmthout Botanical
9. Germany – Mainau Island – Tulip Gardens
10. Austria – Tulip Information centre
11. South Korea – Suncheon Garden – WTS 2015
12. China – Beijing Tulip festival
13. India – Kashmir Tulip Festival
14. Italy – Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
15. Sweden – Malmo
16. Uzbekistan

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