An Invitation to Artists

Galleries and Artists are invited to collaborate with the Canadian Tulip Festival in several ways:


Tulip works of art in a variety of mediums will be exhibited for the duration of the festival (May 12 to May 22)in the Aberdeen Pavilion which is part of the Lansdowne Park Tulip Gallery – The Friendship, Floral and Art Tulip Experience.

  • Submitted artwork(s) must have a tulip theme.
  • Artwork(s) must be delivered by the artist/gallery to the Lansdowne Park Tulip Gallery at Aberdeen Pavilion on Thursday, May 11 and picked up on Tuesday, May 23.
  • Featured artworks may be sold on site – terms to be established and agreed by the artist and Canadian Tulip Festival. The sold art piece will/must then be replaced by another piece of art for the duration of the Festival.
  • Participating artists and galleries will be showcased onsite and in our marketing campaign.
  • Art will be displayed along with the name of the artist and gallery logo.
  • Visibility includes website, social media, media releases and proactive media relations, onsite photographers and videographers and through our major media partners.
  • Each participant receives 22 complimentary daily admission passes and 2 complimentary tickets to the Grand Opening Vernissage – A Tribute to our Founders
  • Gallery associated to the artist will receive
    • 10 complimentary day admission tickets
    • 1 complimentary ticket to the Grand Opening Night Vernissage (May 12)


Artists are invited to facilitate an onsite paid workshop (terms to be established and agreed by the artist and Canadian Tulip Festival)


Interact with visitors while working in and around the tulip beds at Commissioner’s Park, Dow’s Lake .


Paint one of 65 5ft fibreglass tulips that will lead the way through Lansdowne Park from Bank Street and adorn the Aberdeen Pavilion entrance and Great Lawn

Confirmed artists to date:

  1. Amber Pollett
  2. Amy Bell
  3. Anne Armitage
  4. Anne Cowan
  5. Anne Drouin
  6. Bex
  7. Carmen Renaud
  8. Carrie A. Keller
  9. Claire Paulin
  10. Diane Proulx
  11. Elizabeth Young
  12. Glenda Yates Krusberg
  13. Glenda Yates Krusberg
  14. Jane Kroeker
  15. Jane Magee
  16. Janice Street
  17. Jill Alexander
  18. Joanne Coughlin
  19. Joel Marc Frappier
  20. Joanne Savoie
  21. Johanna Jansen
  22. John Shea
  23. Josie Braden
  24. Katherine Jeans
  25. Kathryn Bossy
  26. Laura Daub
  27. Laura Kostyniok
  28. Maggie Fietz
  29. Marie-lyne Bourassa
  30. Monique Martin
  31. Pauline Lecours Clancy
  32. Praveena Koonar
  33. Rashmi Rekha
  34. Real Lachance
  35. Richard Brown
  36. Ruth Dick
  37. Sarah Hand
  38. Shirley Moulton
  39. Solange Vaillancourt
  40. Susan Bruner
  41. Susan Clement-Beveridge
  42. Susan Mandla
  43. Whitney Zelmer
  44. Zeynep Ergincan

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