An Invitation to Schools


Elementary Schools are invited to participate in our Tulip Family & School Program by painting 30 wooden tulips.  These painted wooden tulips will then be displayed on The Great Tulip Lawn at our Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park.

The wooden tulips will be featured along with other floral exhibits, international friendship activities and entertainment, tulip art celebrations, the Homage to Malak Karsh photographic exhibit, interactive family programming and much more.

The Great Tulip Lawn is featured from May 12 to May 22 with thousands of visitors expected.


  • The Tulip Festival will deliver the 30 wooden tulips (15 large approx. 18in x 18in, 15 small approx. 9in x 4 1/2in) to participating schools on Monday, April 10.  The painted tulips should then be returned to the Tulip Festival office by Friday, April 28.
  • The official name of the school will be displayed on the signage and for promotion.
  • The schools will have the option to take back the wooden tulips at the end of the Tulip Festival on Tuesday, May 23.
  • For all your inquieries, please contact  Mary Fayad

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